The Denizen is a blog that will explore through cultural means – primarily fiction and visual art – the effects and implications of Taylor Wimpey’s luxury apartment development in Golden Lane, just inside the City of London borough boundary. These are ghost homes that even before they’ve been built are being pre-sold off-plan to property speculators; with marketing targeting in particular the nouveau riche in South East Asia, hence both the name of the development and a sales promotion push in places like Hong Kong.

The City of London, like Hong Kong, suffers from inflated house prices and a deficit of democracy. Protests against anti-democratic bullshit in Hong Kong have been widely covered in the international media thanks to movements such as Occupy Central. Anger about the feudal nature of local politics in The City where residents have no proper voice over what goes on are less widely reported, but this will change. The City of London is the only part of the UK to retain the business vote. We need to link up the struggles against rich bureaucrats in London and Hong Kong to stop their anti-democratic political manipulations and ghost home investments ruining lives.

This is a companion blog to Reclaim EC1. However this outlet will feature a wider range of voices. We’ve approached various novelists we admire and asked them to provide us with a horror story set in the proposed Denizen development on Golden Lane. Initially a selection of these weird tales will be published anonymously on this blog. Eventually we hope to gather more together in a short story anthology entitled Denizen of the Dead, featuring full author credits. Anyone who’d like to participate in this project can send in a contribution via our contact page. Please make it clear whether or not you’re happy for your piece to appear anonymously here, or if you’d just like it to grace the book we’re aiming to produce in the near future. We may not be able to use – or even respond to – everything we’re sent, but we will read all submissions.