Siren Song Of The Denizen

Siren Song Of The Denizen

I was dead. I should not have been walking through Fortune Street Park and across Golden Lane. Drawn to Taylor Wimpey’s luxury apartment block The Denizen by the siren song of Plague Pit Annie. I should have been in the underworld preparing for my next incarnation, not being lured to an investment flat I’d bought but never seen. I was dead and I had no use for any of my worldly possessions. But the siren song of Plague Pit Annie drew me through the entrance of The Denizen and up the stairs to my apartment. I’d never collected the keys to this flat and I didn’t need them now. TheĀ concierge didn’t see my long fingers nails and longer hair as I passed right through him. The concierge didn’t see me at all. Plague Pit Annie knew I was close by and drew me in with her song. She greeted me, informed me I was to take her place in my apartment, and then she disappeared into the medieval plague pit beneath the building. Now for all of eternity I am damned to reside in an investment apartment I’d bought off-plan sight unseen.

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