Curse of the Denizen: 10

Curse of the Denizen: 10

Curse of the Denizen 1

Millington decided that the best thing to do with Hwang was to leave him naked and hog-tied in her flat while we went to The Denizen. Mary made sure Lee was secure with a blindfold over his eyes and a gag in his mouth before she wilted his erection by casually saying: “I don’t know how long I’ll be but when I come back I’ll have your sister Woo with me.”

We called a cab and once we inside the car I asked Mary about communist witchcraft.

“The first shamans, or healer priests, in nature societies were women.” Millington explained. “The first male shamans imitated women by taking on their roles and wearing female clothing. Wherever patriarchy has overthrown matriarchy, even in nature societies, the previous religious power of women is feared as something diabolical; and it was only ever overthrown through the cross-dressing of those who pretended they were man enough to be a woman but weren’t! Once these new emperors were sufficiently emboldened to throw away their lipstick and skirts, the priestess was transformed into the figure of the witch. There is, of course, a link between the original she-male cross-dressing shamans and homosexuality. The gay male shaman and chicks with dicks who didn’t want to get down with male power were turned into heretics.”

“So are you saying I have to gear up in stockings and suspenders to be a communist?” I asked.

“Of course not, stupid! Witchcraft is best done in the buff, what is called in the technical vocabulary of our Wiccan revolution skyclad.” Mary replied. “Many cave paintings show pictures of nude men with erections dancing together in groups without women, while sisters were doing it among and for themselves too. Among nature people, a man’s cum and a woman’s menstrual blood is often thought to embody ancestral religious power. Animals, especially horned ones, play a large part in stone age art, and human figures appear wearing animal skins. These figures are probably shamans, since nature societies often identify themselves collectively with the animals they eat and imitate their behaviour – including their sex life – in religious rites. And since homosexuality is rife in the animal kingdom, ancient wo/man realised it was an utter groove too!”

“What’s the communist position on blow jobs?”

“We’re totally in favour of them! But we don’t want all that spunk wasted. You should get your partner to come in your mouth and swallow down all that protein and goodness in his white stuff. It’s quite a hit, a good spurt of semen is better than a glass of champagne!”

“But I like girls!” I protested.

“That’s just your social conditioning, once you’re in a coven we’ll soon help you get over it!”

“But I wanna die in a sex-love-murder ritual!”

“Who said you couldn’t?”

“Well it wouldn’t turn me on if it was a guy doing it?”

“Well you can only find out by trying it!”

“But once I’m dead I won’t have the option of trying it again with someone whose a different gender!”

“Of course you will, but you’ll have to wait until you reincarnate again!”

“But that might take forever!”

“Learn patience.”

“How do I learn that?”

“Patience comes to those who wait!”


It took us 30 minutes to reach Golden Lane. As we approached my apartment we clocked Woo disappearing down the corridor.

“Where is she going?” Millington asked.

“She’s going to Tao’s room.” I explained.

We hurried in pursuit but hadn’t caught up with Woo when Crippen grabbed my arm.

“Feng!” he cried. Miss Millington! What is Woo Gam doing here?”

“Do you know Mary and Woo?” I asked in disbelief.

“I have the pleasure of knowing her Biblically,’ he sneered. “But a court of law might not see it that way because our sado-masochistic sessions have never involved penetrative sex.”

“How often has she slapped you around and how much did you pay?” The green monster of jealousy was welling up in my head.

“None of your business. I spoke to my mistress but she passed without a sign of recognition. What’s the matter with her? She looks ill. Where’s she going?”

“She’s going to Tao’s apartment.”

“Feng, why is she going there?”

“I was following her so that I could ask her that question.”

I broke from him. Crippen’s intervention meant she was now well ahead of me. Woo Gam had arrived at Tao’s pad as I reached that floor. A cop stood outside the dead man’s front door.

“Is this the flat in which Chiang Tao was murdered in a sex magick ritual?

“Yes. But you can’t go in. My orders are to admit no one except the forensic team.”

Putting out her arm, touching the old bill on the chest, she pushed him aside with a light touch. I saw instantly she was a mistress of vibrating palm and other secret and deadly kung fu techniques. Moments later she was through the door. I reached the rozzer as Woo disappeared from my sight.

“Why did you let her go in?” I asked the cop for want of anything better to say.

The man seemed bewildered and was labouring to breathe. “Let her? She’s half killed me. I’ve a burning pain in my chest and a humdinger of a throbbing erection!”

He saw I intended to follow her and was in no condition to stop me. I grabbed him by the shoulders and sent him spinning down the passage until the wall brought him to a standstill.

“You can’t trust a London copper,” I shouted at the stricken man as I simultaneously shook my fist. “I bet bribing you would have cost next to nothing, but we’re not bothering with that when you’re so easily beaten up!”

Then I went after Woo Gam, Mary Millington and Crippen were hard upon my heels. If I’d been wearing a long skirt I suspect those behind me would have trodden on it and caused me to trip over, since the distance between them and me was a few milimetres.

Curse of the Denizen 11


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