Den of Evil

Den of Evil

Watch as caped figures continue to haunt The Denizen

The site of a portal into the dark den of lost souls

Of previous and present incarnations of greed.

Listen closely as evil collects at the portal entrance thru each window of the building, as these conduits open at dusk for the lost soul shrouds of mammon to return to their abode beneath this over scaled shit pile of greed.

Gape as this overscaled Turd is horrifically positioned to shadow a primary school to suck light and innocence from children’s souls, the ultimate sin.

See how this light sucking dead end pit forces all who invest here to lose their family fortunes within nine months of signing a leasehold.

Feel how the walls of investment flats thicken with sorrow as night after night the owners feel the dull sharp pain from a constantly shrinking soul and eventually become the sole ghosts of their ghost flat. Transported to these cells from all around the world!

Witness as the apartment is resold

And the curse begins again

And a new crop of ghosts and soul shells are imprisoned within the same increasingly overcrowded abode. Incarcerated for eternity.


If you buy here

There is never a day of rest.

A hex you are bestowed,

So a howling curse bequest

Thee til your bloodline

Withers and infest.

All putrefy and perish

Til justice finds its kismet.


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