Curse Of The Denizen: 5

Curse Of The Denizen: 5

Curse of the Denizen: 1

What I told the cop wasn’t so different to what I’d said to Crippen, but the conversation was considerably more civil. When I returned to my pad, I’d planned to have a shower but plaster had fallen from the wall in my bathroom, and I had to clear up the mess before I commenced my ablutions. It wasn’t just The Denizen’s feng shui that was bad, its construction left a lot to be desired too. My iPhone was buzzing. I opened a text message from the angry owner of a Denizen luxury apartment that had cost more than two million British pounds.

Did you read the links I sent earlier? Look at the reviews on Trust Pilot again! Taylor Wimpey won’t fix faults, Do not buy from Taylor Wimpey, Never buy from Taylor Wimpey, and there are so many more like those first three entries on the site! How am I ever going to get the holes in my walls filled, or my kitchen fixed? That’s why Paula Higgins of the Homeowner’s Alliance says: “We need more new homes, but ones that are built to last generations, not for a quick profit.” I now know that property is excluded from the Sale & Supply of Goods Act, which in most instances offers legal rights when there’s a problem, but not on luxury apartments! British law is insane. There’s more democracy in Hong Kong than the City of London. Can you believe they still have the business vote here? That’s why the council doesn’t give a damn about residential property investors, we can’t vote politicians out because we don’t have nearly as much of a say in elections as the companies that operate in the borough! It’s enough to make me wish I’d supported Occupy Central and the Umbrella Revolution, rather than the Chinese government’s suppression of that movement! The City of London is rotten and we’ll never get justice under its current feudal yoke!”

I scrolled through to the end of the very long and angry screed without bothering to read it word for word. I decided not to look at dozens of other unopened messages with headers such as: The Denizen Really Sucks, Taylor Wimpey Ripped Me Off, Taylor Wimpey Unfinished Estates Shoddy Workmanship & Crumbling Homes, If This Is A Luxury Apartment Then I’m The Queen Of Sheba, and The Denizen’s Feng Shui Is Killing Me. I wanted to die during orgasm but the daily flood of complaints from my fellow ghost home owners were a depressing distraction from my erotic fantasies.


My angel was still asleep so I took her things out of my wardrobe to examine them. Her clothes had labels sewn into them bearing the initials W.G. I found her wallet. It was stuffed with high denomination notes. Hong Kong and US dollars, as well as nearly a thousand pounds in British currency. There were no credit cards or identity documents.

I must have disturbed the girl by going through her possessions. She woke and sat up to greet me. I was positively startled by her loveliness. She had nothing more than one of my crisp white sheets pulled up around her naked form. I felt a curious sense of exhilaration. The girl’s face was illuminated by a smile that made my heart melt. How could I resist evil incarnated when it manifested itself with such seductive beauty?

“Hello! How are you?” I asked.

“I seem to have slept all my cares away. I think something must have happened to me last night.”

“What do you think it was?”

“I don’t know. Do you think there’s something wrong with my head?”

“Perhaps you had a shock. Can you remember anything?”

“My mind’s blank. I feel so stupid.”

“Can you remember your name?”


“That’s an awkward position to be in, not knowing your name or where you are from.”

“ I remember people shouting. They were screaming at me and clapping their hands.”

“Where were you?”

“I remember coming through your balcony door but that’s all.”


I took the white kid gloves out of my coat pocket. “Are these yours?”

“I don’t know? Where did you find them?”

“I want to know if they are yours.”

“I’ll try them on to see if they fit.”

I knew they belonged my avenging angel. They covered her murderous hands perfectly. I wondered if she would kill me. Was Tao naked when he was slaughtered? Was this woman straddling him waiting for him to reach orgasm before she struck? Why did I find the thought of the same thing happening to me so exciting?

“Do you know a guy called Tao?” I asked.

“Tao? I can’t remember?”

“Chiang Tao.”

“Do you know him?” she asked.

“I do and so do you.”

“How do you know I know him?”

“Because last night you climbed down from his balcony to mine.” I said.

“What was I doing in his apartment?”


“Try to remember what happened in Tao’s flat that led you to make the risky descent from his balcony to mine, so that you could take refuge here.”

“Tao lives in this luxury apartment block! Take me to see him right now!”

Was she mentally deficient? Did she not know she was a sexy fury, a nude assassin? That she was way more beautiful than Chingmy Yau as she stabbed men in Naked Killer? Surely this woman’s destiny was to realise my ultimate erotic fantasy. Intelligence was written on every line of her face. What then was the meaning of the cloud that had temporarily paralysed the active forces of her brain? Where was the key to the puzzle?

Just then my iPhone rang. I answered it. “Mr. Feng can I speak to you for a minute?” It was Cynthia Payne. “Have you heard the news of Chiang Tao’s death?”

“I have.”

“From what I’m told it seems the killer must have struck just before the young lady turned up on your balcony.”

“That’s correct.”

‘”What shall we do?”

“What can we do?”

“Do you think she knows?”

“She’s suffering from amnesia, she knows nothing.”

“Do you think she did it?”

“I sincerely hope so! I want her to kill me next! I am certain the woman who turned up so unexpectedly in my bedroom made a consensual sex murder pact with Tao. She has killed, but she has not sinned. I need to get her to recall her mission in life, which is to enable men to realise their erotic death wishes. Please say nothing to the police; if my avenging angel is arrested she’ll never be able to induct me into the slaughterhouse of love.”


“Your wish is my command. I’ll do whatever you want. I’ve never judged men on their kinks, I’ve just exploited those warped desires for money.”

“I’ll make a new will later today and leave my vast fortunes to you. Just don’t tell anyone I had a young female visitor.”

“I never speak about men and their peccadilloes. I would not have made a success of my life had I done such things. Rest assured I’ll say nothing to the cops, I’d much rather inherit your money than see the young lady arrested.”

Curse of the Denizen: 6


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